Discover a new dimension of pool billiard

Formula B-135 is a game which connects the virtual world with the real game.
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It lets to play "everyone against anyone" without matter where the players are.
It is possible due to a modern platform.
You can play against any player in the world at the same time.
The platform gives an opportunity for the players to set the time of a match.
It also enables organizing tournaments, leagues and championships.

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Drill nr 1


Arkadiusz Brzękowski


Our task is to pocket the balls in the order from 1 to 15. We play balls from 1 to 7 to th...

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the Ban on Russian and Belarussian players lifted

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 199

Pool players coming from these countries were excluded from the international rivalry a few days after the start of Russian aggression on Ukraine. They could not compete in any official tournament und ...

Formula B135 Season 2 starts on 21th of July! What is at stake?

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 197

Only a few days till the start of Formula B135 Season 2. Rules are pretty simple. Play as many Formula B135 Standard matches as you can and fight for prizes. Total prize money is 150$. We have made a ...

Swiss precision in Pardubice

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 196

Pardubice Open tournament has become a well known event in Central Europe. Competition is played on the highest quality tables in an impressive hockey arena. More than 200 players from all over Euro ...