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Correct camera view

In order to provide players and viewers the best gameplay experience, we set a standard position camera to get the best view of the pool table in the FORMULA B-1-3-5 match. This position is preferred for any match that is broadcast on the platform.

The standard rules are:
• Place the camera in a horizontal position. In this way, we get the best view of the table and a professional gameplay view
• Set the camera at a height and distance that is comfortable for the player, but at the same time so that he can see all pockets
• The standard distance is 1.10m - 1.20m. This distance may differ depending on the camera z due to the various zoom possibilities.
• Standard height is 2.40m - 2.50m, this height may depend on the camera due to the various zoom possibilities.
• To set the camera at the correct height, it is recommended to use a tripod with an option of regulation.