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Handicap levels FORMULA B 1-3-5 STANDARD OPEN

We have prepared a trial for new players. This trial will set your level. As a result the player will receive or will not receive a handicap. Handicap means extra moves for the player during the game.

·         IMPORTANT  We are reserving a right to change handicap, in case of intentional of unintentional reducing of your average.

We assume that players are playing fair and if someone set his level in immeasurable way, admin will ask to repeat his trial.


• PRO  ? (0) – no additional moves (only move „zero”, it is move after the break with  ball in hand or as it is)

• Veteran ? - (+1) – one additional move during the rack.        

• Versed ?  - (+2) - two additional moves during the rack.

• Rookie  ?- (+3) - three additional moves during the rack.

• Rising star  ⭐️- (+4) - four additional moves during the rack.

**In case of proved cheating with handicap, a player will be excluded from every Formula B135 event for 6 months.

*** Handicap is updated after 3 handicap tournaments played by the player.

****We are working on handicap update also during friendly matches.

Handicap designation:

Average < 20 - handicap 4

Average < 30 - handicap 3

Average < 50 - handicap 2

Average < 70 - handicap 1

Average > 70 - handicap 0