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Familiar Faces on the Podium of the 4th Round of Formula B135 Standard Ranking+

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 300

The 4th round of the 2nd edition of the Formula B135 Ranking+ has recently finished. Interestingly, the podium lineup is ide ...

ATTENTION! New tournaments dates !!!

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 299

We set new dates for the upcoming B135 Standard RANKING tournaments. Check out the new dates below and make sure to update ...

Results of the Formula B135 Standard Open round III event

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 298

Podium squad:1. Arkadiusz Brzękowski2. Giovanni Becchetti 3. Piotr Oleszczuk, Artur SkorupskiStrong debut of Giovanni, ...

Rollercoaster in the semifinal, current leader wins again

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 297

On Wednesday 6th of March, the second Formula B135 Standard ranking event of the year was finished. The tournament featured ...

Who is the first leader of Standard Formula B135 Ranking?

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 296

Players from 4 countries and 2 different continents participated in the inaugural tournament of the second edition of the Fo ...

Legendary World Pool Championships?

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 293

Photo source (Matchroom Pool)Today, the Matchroom company announced the information which the entire billiards community was ...

Pool calendar 2024

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 292

We present an annual billiards calendar.  This calendar includes all Formula B135 tournaments as well as the most signi ...

Thank You for 2023!

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 291

Dear Formula B135 players and billiards enthusiasts,Thank you for being with us during this incredibly intense year. Despite ...

Mosconi crush

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 290

photo source - Matchroom PoolIt was a true rout. The European team left no illusions for the USA team and convincingly claim ...

Mosconi Cup – Predictions

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 289

Photo source - Matchroom PoolOn Wednesday, December 6th, the Mosconi Cup, the biggest spectacle in the world of billiards ki ...