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Introduction for new users

Welcome to the Formula B 1-3-5 platform! Here are some tips that may help you.

# We recommend the Google Chrome browser to play on the platform, the home page, my panel and the game panel will be loaded using any browser, but the platform is adapted to the most popular web browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox. Make sure your browser is up-to-date before you start playing.

# Each player should make sure that they have given access to the external camera and microphone in the browser they are using, the responsibility of a good link and a clear image is YOUR side.

Your camera should provide a clear view of thetable and balls, detailed information on how to position the camera can be found here (

You can contact us and we will advise you on how to set the camera or choose a camera for the game> ** Before starting the game, make sure that all other webcam applications are turned off (this may interfere with video sharing on the platform). After introducing changes related to the camera, we suggest you refresh the browser.

# To start playing, all you need to do is find your opponent, for now we give you 4 options to arrange the game:

I. ONLINE (lobby) - We are on our panel, go to the PLAY tab> ONLINE - Thanks to the online option, you can see who is currently available to play and at what time can play the match - you can send the player an online invitation to games! In addition, you can define your own availability so that other players can play with you.

II. CONTACT WITH A PLAYERS - You can write directly to the players you want to play against by going to the "news" tab on the left bar.

III. ARRANGE A GAME - We are on our panel, go to the PLAY tab> BOOK A PLAYER FOR A GAME - Thanks to the option TO ARRANGE A PLAYER FOR A GAME, you can send a direct invitation to the game by clicking on the "play" arrow "Located next to the player on the right under the" play "column, but remember that the player does not have to agree to the game, so if you are looking for a game for now, we suggest the online tab.

IV. FACEBOOK GROUP - Join the open group on fb Players - Formula B 1-3-5, there you can ask if anyone is willing to play.

# To play, set your status as "Available" by clicking on your profile icon (top right corner). Click on the status and change it to available.

# Once you have sent an invitation to the opponent, you can check if he agreed in the sent invitations tab.

# Tournament Ranking - Ranking based on average points. from all tournament matches. # Rankiing Overall - Ranking based on average points. from all matches on the platform.

# Respect your opponents at all times! Sometimes there will be language barriers, connection problems, poor camera images or uncontrolled interruptions, sometimes your opponents results may not be the ones triggered or entered, the cameras can cheat!

Formula B 1-3-5 requires you to have a calm attitude and a healthy dose of confidence from other players, it is essential for you to enjoy this platform!

# If you ever want to intentionally cheat in a game, you should log out of Formula B 1-3-5 and never come back.

# When playing, you should reduce any background noise, we dont want to hear your music, it sounds scary through the webcam microphone. We all need to accept uncontrolled noise like children and other things in life, but everything must be done to control and minimize it.

# You should communicate well with your opponent and check all your scores verbally.

# Inform your opponent what you pot if he has trouble verifying some balls. Of course, if you agreed that you want to enter the result on a regular basis.

# At the end of the approach, always take the balls out of their pockets and place them at the edge of the board closest to the camera, thanks to which the opponent will be able to see the balls you have pocketed, and entering the result earlier will ensure a smooth game.

# Any problems can be reported to us using the contact link at the top of the "report a problem" page.

# We take allegations of cheating very seriously, but we do not publicly accuse a player of being a cheat without strong evidence to back it up (video) We also ask you not to do so.

If you suspect your opponent is a scam, please report it to us quietly so we can deal with it, once streaming is back in action, there is nowhere to hide and the scammers will be caught, but keep a cool head for now.

# Join our Facebook group for information / appointments play games / discuss pool play -

We hope you like FORMULA B 1-3-5, and if you can, please take the time to help introduce a new member to the platform, if possible the community is key to it all. Have a nice game! Team FORMULA B 1-3-5 Quay Rokietnica Open team