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(23th May - 23th June)

We have great pleasure to present new competition format of Formula B135 Standard.  Seasons. System of the rivalry is totally flexible for the players. Let’s summarize – make appointments with other players, play as many matches as you can, score points to the ranking and fight for prizes. Rules are pretty simple. The only goal is to play matches in STANDARD CLASSIC or STANDARD OPEN version.

Technical requirements

Pool biliard table 9ft, 8ft or 7ft

Laptop and camera or phone and Internet connection

Competition rules:

- Play as many matches as you can (minimal distance of the match is a race to 2) against players from all over the world

- Before the start of every match players have to set a distance of the match

- The players are creating and making appointments on their owns

- To play in the competition only account on platform is required (there is no extra registration required to „SEASONS)

- Player receives proper amount of points for every played match

- Matches played in Formula B135 Standard Classic and Formula B135 Standard Open version are counted to the ranking.

- Only 3 matches against the same player are counted to the monthly ranking (played in every type of Standard game) 

-  click -> Formula B135 STANDARD rules

- click -> Formula B135 Standard Open rules

- 1 season lasts for 1 full calendar month (except from the first edition which starts on 23th of May and finishes on 23th of June)

- Prizes will receive top 6 players of the monthly ranking

Scoring rules

Win – 10 points

Lose – 6 points

Draw – In case of a draw, we have to follow official Formula B135 rules (winner is a player who has better points average during the match). If players have the same points average, they have to play an extra frame.

The player who scored the highest numer of points will be rewarded as a winner of a Season. In case of the same amount of points, higher ranked will be a player who has played more matches during a season.

Prize money

Total prize money  is $200 USD

1. place - $70 USD

2. place - $50 USD

3. place - $40 USD

4. place - $25 USD

5. place - $10 USD

6. place - $5 USD


Every trial of cheating or manipulating with played matches will be verified by penalties or even disqualifications!!!