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Thank You for 2023!

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 291

Dear Formula B135 players and billiards enthusiasts,Thank you for being with us during this incredibly intense year. Despite ...

Mosconi crush

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 290

photo source - Matchroom PoolIt was a true rout. The European team left no illusions for the USA team and convincingly claim ...

Mosconi Cup – Predictions

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 289

Photo source - Matchroom PoolOn Wednesday, December 6th, the Mosconi Cup, the biggest spectacle in the world of billiards ki ...

The Formula B 1-3-5 e-billiards ranking is back! Prize money ~550$ for the ranking!

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 286

Its time for the 2nd edition of the Formula B135 Standard Ranking. You can now start your preparations. The inaugural tourna ...

Are you ready for the Mosconi Cup 2023?

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 285

Photo source - Matchroom PoolIn a week and a half, the most electrifying billiards match of the season returns - the Mosconi ...

Radosław Babica wins bronze medal in Slovenia!

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 283

Huge congratulations to Radosław Babica  for the remarkable achievement of securing the 3rd place in the Euro-Tour in ...

The first edition of the Formula B135 Standard ranking tournaments completed!

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 282

The first edition of the Formula B135 Standard ranking tournaments is over! Yesterday, we determined the champion of the las ...

The Formula B135 Standard Open "Grand Final" tournament goes into its decisive phase.

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 280

The last event counted to the Formula B135 Standard ranking can be described as international. Players from Italy, the USA, ...

He whitewashed in the semifinal 11:0, and ultimately won the event

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 279

Photo source - Matchroom PoolThe US Open is one of the most prestigious tournaments on the billiards calendar. Four years ag ...

What is the fear of failure?

Karol Pahulak


nr: 278

What is the fear of failure? Could it be that we're actually afraid of something else? How do we deal with it? It's worth s ...