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Daniel Piotrowski wins Formula B135 Standard Open event!

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 243

The inaugural Formula B135 Standard Open RANKING event went down in history Podium squad:1. Daniel Piotrowski2. Piotr Oleszcz ...

Polish winner in Ostend - Stella Artois Open

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 240

photo source - Stella Artois Open FBOriginal – It is the one word describing Stella Artois Open tournament: cosy city, de ...

World Pool Championships has started! Where to watch? Where is bracket?

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 238

Poland hosts World 9 ball Pool Championships for the first time. The tournament has just started. 128 players came to Kielce ...

Taiwanese rules in the world of pool

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 237

(photo source - World Billiard TV)She was crowned as a 10 ball World Champion only a few months ago. Yesterday an even more ...

World women’s pool Championships starts today. What should you know?

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 236

source - predator pro billiard seriesWorld 9 ball Championships are back after three years break. In the recent editions, Asi ...

No one believes in the USA – Mosconi Cup predictions

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 229

Tommorrow starts the Mosconi Cup – the greatest annual pool show. Europe has built probably one of the strongest and cons ...

Formula B135 Standard night tournament - real endurance test. Who won?

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 223

First, we would like to thank every particpant for your engagement.It was really amazing event. Some impressive matches decor ...

Zaragoza Open - title stays at home

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 218

After epic final Francisco Sanchez Ruiz takes a trophy in Zaragoza. In deciding match the Spaniard won 13:12 against Mario He ...

Asian Open - former World Champion met the expectations!

Arkadiusz Brzękowski


nr: 216

Photo source - Matchroom Pool FB96 players were fighting to win Asian Open. There were not any surprise on the podium. Bronze ...

Akademia Bilardowa Rokietnica is trying to defend Polish Ekstraklasa title. Interview with a player of the team - Arek Brzękowski (VIDEO)

Waldemar Zawołowicz


nr: 215